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A traveler's restaurant and dining guide
Instead of retyping, I invite you to visit my LJ and read my review.

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This last weekend's show in Seattle created some amazing good eats. Though this time around, I ended up missing my fav Thai restaurant, still got to go to an excellent Italian restaurant we frequent.

28835 Pacific Highway South
Federal Way, WA
253 946 4122

The food is homemade and fresh. Everything I have had there is top notch and the place itself is quaint and cozy.  The service this time wanned but they made up for it by buying half of our meal. The are a bit pricey but worth it. This one is on the list of must visit when up in the area.

Another very good place for seafood is;

Salty's Seafood Grill
28201 Redondo Beach Dr. So.
Des Moines, WA
253 946 0636

Had an awesome meal there many years ago and decided to look them up again.  Found out they were offering a wonderful Easter Sunday brunch that went on till 7PM so I booked a reservation for me and Goldie and some friends of ours after we packed up the show. The spread was awesome and they seated us right by the windows with the best view of the water. Ate mostly dungenous crab which was nice and plump. The soup was sad but that was really the only thing I was unhappy with. Recommend them for dinner or bunch, I am sure lunch is awesome to.

Paid several visits to the wonderful open air market, Pike Street Market which is very similar to the Strip district in Pittsburgh. I usually go to my most fav fish market there, Whole Foods fish market,  and stock up on Smoked and cured salmon as well as bringing home a whole live caught salmon. Their smoked salmon is the best I have ever had, moist with a wonderful Alderwood favor. The salmon I brought back this time was exceptional and very fresh. I also recommend Beecher's handmade cheese, the mac and cheese is to die for. There are several others, making a trip there and doing breakfest or lunch is the best way to go. There is allot to choose from. However, avoid Lowel's inside the market. They get allot of rap at being this awesome place but me and Goldie's experience was less then average with us walking out from the bad food and worse service. It is probably what made her ill.

We did frequent this awesome place just up from the market.

Bacco Bistro
206 443 5443

This place was awesome with fresh pressed juices, incredible espresso's, and eggs benedict that makes any others pale in comparison. Breakfest there is the best and healthy way to start the day.


Norman and Oklahoma City have two places I love that are frequented every time I come out and do the Renaissance faire.

Pearls Oyster Bar
405 682 1500

Awesome cajun that is a must if you find yourself there.  They have two locations with one building a new restaurant that will be two levels. Plan to check it out when I am out that way next.

Chelinos Mexican Restaurant
1612 S Boulevard St, Edmond, OK
Tel: (405) 340-3620

Family run with 3 or 4 locations. Some of the best traditional Mexican food I have had. They only thing that would make it better if they hand made their tortillas. Ate their twice while I was staying in Norman.  Not only is the food great but the people are awesome. We all had a great experience.

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I apologize I have not been keeping up with this journal at all. However, I will work on it in the future with my travels. At least post allot of local ventures since their are so many great restaurants here in the Boulder area alone!

This post I will focus on two Tea houses...

Boulder Dushanbe Teahouse
1770 13th Street
Boulder, CO
303 442 4993

Today me and Goldie took a lovely impromptu day walking around Boulder's famous Pearl street mall with the dogs. I had heard about this tea house on one of the food network programs and have been determined to find it. I have a great love of history and architecture and this place has both, plus an awesome line up of food and glorious tea, of course. After asking several shop owners, found it nestled just out of the mall area near a park and where the farmers market is held. The front walkway alone speaks volumes with archways and gardens of green and floral promise in a few months. But the interior is something indeed to behold. The carvings and painting are from some 40 artists from Tajikistan, a country that borders China and Afghanistan and part of the ancient Persian culture, so the style reflects, closely similar to Tibetan art.

We had a pot of their version of Lady Grey tea and two of their recommended deserts, their famous gingerbread infused with a special Boulder orange tea mixture and creamy Apple Cinnamon Chimichangas. Both were awesome! We would have had dinner their but we had tired and hungry dogs in the truck and needed to get home.

I plan to return for many samples in the future and this will quickly become the new tea spot. Though we will still visit from time to time our local very nice tea house in Louisville, The Huckleberry. Their Lady Grey is so nice and floral in flavor and the food is equally just a nice.

The Huckleberry tea room
700 Main Street
Louisville, CO
303 666 8020
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I am here in the Twin Cities for the next 3 weeks doing the Minnesota Renaissance Faire.  This place was home for about 3 and half years not to long ago.  It has always been a favorite city and has some exceptional dinning that I frequent everytime I am here. So here is my list:

Crossroads Deli
2795 Hedberg Dr
Hopkins, MN 55305-3401 
(952) 546-6595

Like a tradional deli but better.  I have not had a bad meal here yet. Their Mac n Cheese is a fav of mine as is their Strawberry Chicken Salad.  When I need a bowl of Matzo Ball soup without making my own, I know just where to go. The cool thing was they are right down the road from me when I lived here and where I am staying now. When I got here last weekend, they were my main take out for a few days. Highly recomended.

Chino Latinos
2916 Hennepin Ave. South
Minneapolis, MN  55408
612 824 PUPU

This is another fav best shared with a group of Friends. It combines Asian and Latin flavours in a unique tasty fun experience.  I love their Sushi and Satay bar. The salty squid is awesome. I have never had a entree their cause I am too busy sampling their 'small bites' menu.  They also have a great drink menu including drinks called the 'humping monkey' served in a coconut. All drinks come with fun little plastic animals to do lewed and entertaining things to.

Jasmine Deli
2532 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55404
612 870 4700

Great hole in the wall place in the 'china town' or should I say 'Korean town' part of Minneapolis.  I love the rice and noodle bowls but the fresh spring rolls are hands down the best I have tried any where.  I go there just for those rolls!

Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse
1333 Nicollet Ave.
Minneapolis, MN  55403
612 339 0540

I went to this one once on a date and was totally impressed by their all you can eat sushi bar. This one you sit at the bar while the train of various sushi goes by for the taken.  The chefs will even do up special orders.  It is all you can eat for an hour for $28.00 a person and it is very good and a great experience. 

La Bodega Tapas Bar
3005 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408 
(612) 823-2661

I love Spanish food and this is a good place. When I first went, it was for the paella which I am a junky for and it was divine.  The second time was not as good and found they changed owners. Now they call themselves a tapa bar so obviously they have changed again. I am tempted to check them out again just to see how they have changed while I am here.  They also have live flamenco music and dancing on the weekends.

Thus concludes this list though I am sure to add more.

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What fun! Diana and realized a long time ago that we, like Napoleon, travel on our stomachs. We'll be talking about some past trip and she won't remember it until I say, "You know, the place with the great Indian place with the quail" "AH!"

So, here one we found recently.

The Rice Bar
319 Augusta Avenue, Toronto, ON

Cuisine is neo-asian. A simple menu. Pick a grain (Jasmine Rice, Rice noodles, etc), Pick additive (mushrooms, scallions, etc), pick a garnish (scallions, peanuts, peppers) and if you like, a protein (chicken, tofu, salmon). Very nice indeed. They also offer a wide variety of good local beers. They have a nice street side patio with free wi-fi.

In addition, Kensington Market is an amazing area of Toronto. Tight streets, each building a fruit stand or a bar or a Chilean restaurant or a t-shirt shop. Graphitti everywhere, people from Boho students to upscale Beemer drivers, all mingling and shopping.

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I thought I would start off with my food experiences while at the World Sci Fi con in LA a few weekends back. Besides keeping the evil Starbuck's empire in business. They had a real Starbucks in both the Hilton Anaheim hotel and the Marriott. The one in the Marriott was much better with a full made to order sandwich and fruit bar. This was frequented more then I care to say. The restaurant in the Marriott was very nice though a bit pricey. Cafe del Sol offered some great choices in Latin and Mediterranean style cuisine. Their dinner and breakfast bars were outstanding with a very healthy line up of good food.

Went to an over priced mediocre Sushi place that the waiter was more interested in talking with his friends who were the only other customers in the place on a Thursday eve. Sorry, I can't seem to remember the name and I did not get a card. The best experience there was the 'feel free bidet' that was attached to the toilet seat in the woman's restroom. I must get me one of these!

Friends of mine found a hole in the wall family run East Indian restaurant called:

Village Restaurant
Halal Tandoori Cuisine
1671 West Katella Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92802
714 635 7770

Very good home style Indian food. Traditional and very spicy. Price was amazingly reasonable for all the food we got. That evening, the service did lack a bit but found out later they were having a wedding party in and were not seating anyone else. They obviously were preparing for that instead.

The best place we ate at was a dive looking place on the outside Mexican restaurant called:

1778 W. Lincoln Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92801

The hostess was very rude to us and was so very bothered when I wanted a card from the place. They wrote down the address but no one seemed to know what the phone number was! Besides the bad service, the place was very populated by locals and lots of nice cars in the parking lot. The food was basic mexican fair with full favors and the best chili rellanos I have ever had! So good I had to get another one. We all agreed this was a good one.

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